The necessity of Multi-vendor Management for your field service organisation

The necessity of Multi-vendor Management for your field service organisation

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When you have a mix of vendor in different location for different services and if they are managed through a legacy system and are not integrated into your workforce management software or operational workflows, your vendor’s technician itself becomes an operational hiccup that slows your pace. Such disintegration creates a gap costing your time, money and even harm your brand reputation if your vendors’ technician is not monitored in terms of service SLAs.

Combat the heterogenous challenge
Developing a standardized process ensures a homogenous service experience. The essential features like assigning right technician with appropriate skill, checklists, and providing real-time work instructions and other documentation, to its third-party technician helps the service organizations to leverage their field service.

Allow for greater transparency into the service process
Granting an access to customer’s location and comprehensive job request details gives the vendor greater confidence in the process and service visit. By providing your vendor’s technician with access to the same technology as internal technicians, the first-time fix rate goals simultaneously increase in addition to providing a consistent delivery experience to customers.

Integrate your vendor’s technician into your workflow
Integration of your field service activities with a multi-vendor management (MVM) allows seamless coordination with your vendor’s technician. This dedicated module, with features such as adding vendors, their technicians and resources, service regions and work types enables effective external workforce management. As tasks are assigned automatically, based on configured rules it lets vendor’s technicians to improve the performance. In case, if your service partners operate in the same region, you can also define priorities to avoid unnecessary communication problems.

Quality Control
To maintain a high quality of service delivery you need your customer’s feedback, especially when you decide to outsource a part of your service activities. With easily configurable audit forms available in MVM, customers answer survey questions through the mobile app from which you are updated about the quality of the performed tasks. With this feature, you have a control over remote vendor’s technicians.
Finish Line
For a service organization to be best-in-class while employing vendor’s technician, meeting or exceeding customer expectations, plus adding value to operational efficiencies and cost savings, transparency into the operational activities of third-party contractors are necessary. By integrating MVM you can include quoting, work order management, scheduling, and real-time visibility, and other such vital features to monitor service delivery and surpass your customer satisfaction.

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