Why you should opt for Work Order Management

Why you should opt for Work Order Management?

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The legacy system to manage work orders generally involves jotting the upcoming tasks in a paper which will be filed and placed on a desk. Until it is seen, the work request remains unaddressed. During this lapse, technicians may not even be aware of its urgency, location and if parts are needed to address the service request. This amounts to missed opportunity and lose in revenue which in turn affects a company’s bottom line.

Automate your work orders

Transmit your work orders in real time through work order management (WOM) solution. Since work orders are automated, all relevant information about a service is identified. This includes the location of the customer, the type of service, its priority as well as a list of parts needed, if any.

Manage work orders on the go

With mobile access, field technicians can utilize all features right on their smartphone or tablet from wherever they happen to be without the need to return to back-office and can be initiated without any unnecessary time delays.

Access important documents; images, manuals, and drawings

When a customer calls for a service request, being able to accurately identify the exact need of the service is vital. In many service organisations, errors often occur when field technician lacks the appropriate information to handle the job request. WOM remedy these problems by making it possible to upload blueprints into the system such that any piece of information is available when technician needs a quick assistance.

Simple search and reporting tools

Field technicians do not require any technical skills to manage work orders from start to finish. By using a work order system, dispatchers automate or manually create a work order, identify its location, order parts, track the work order status and create reports in a jiffy when the service is completed.

Improve visibility, productivity and revenue

Since dispatchers are dependent upon to keep service cycles running as they should, having WOM as a tool to make that happen is essential. Overall, automated systems offer business owners a solution that when utilized as designed will improve your field technician’s productivity, besides improve your equipment’s lifespan through preventive maintenance schedules. All put together, these translate into quality service that in turn, impact positively upon your business’ bottom line.

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